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  • RESOLUTE EBook and Workbook - 185 pages of practical guidance, daily action items, and bonus week focused on goal-setting and mindset! (Value = $197)


    •  Self-Care Toolkit - On the go RESILIENCE ($29)

    • Kick-Ass Assessments - Keep Track of your Growth ($97)

    • RESOLUTE Zen Sessions - Harness your Resilience ($29)

    • Daily HRV Check-Ins - Learn from your Biometric Intelligence ($57)

    • Resilience Journal - Get to the point with this 3-step process! ($97)

$506 in Total Value

Only $27.97!

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"I think the most valuable thing I learned was that anger was a defensive / protective response typically as a way to protect oneself from the other emotions they were feeling. When I feel angry now I have really tried to understand the core feelings behind it, using the tools I learned during the program. It has helped me remain calmer and try to logically think through emotional responses to stressors."

- Jocali N.

DIY Not Your Thing?


With RESOLUTE PRO you get:

- weekly sessions

- personalized guidance

- tailored action items

ALL with licensed therapist and RESOLUTE Creator,

Thomas Mattera,

M.S, LMFT, and Licensed Mental Health Specialist.

"The way you facilitate the program puts people at ease because you are relatable and honest. You have given me information, tools, and insights that I can use indefinitely."

- Nona G.

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